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Oversees production and manages the workers


Born on April 24, 1974 in a village 30 km from Chandroti.  She is the 4th of 7 sisters. She graduated from High School from a Hindi medium school.  

She married Alok in 1993 and moved to Chandroti.  Alok is an electrician and has studied till 8th grade.  She has 2 children, Ayesha, born January 1996 and Abhay born December 1997.   Ayesha is in college and Abhay is graduating from High School in 2015, both kids have high aspirations to study further and find good jobs.

Anita was the first person to start working with Chandroti. She knew very basic knitting and crochet. Today she helps Shubh manage the operations and is on a monthly payroll. In her own words: “Shubh is like a mother to me.  She is always there for all the women in their good and bad times."  

Working at Chandroti has given Anita confidence and a purpose.  She proudly says that she used her money to build an extra room in her small village home.  She is adamant that her kids will study and work.


Coordinates orders, production and stock taking


Born on the 12th of January 1992, in Chandroti village.  Her father, Prakash, (graduated from 8th grade from a local school), is a gardener and her mother who has no schooling, is a housewife.

Priyanka has an older sister, who has a masters degree and works in an “office” and a younger brother who is doing his BA.

Priyanka attended the DAV, hindi medium school. She has completed her BA and would like to study more and master English.  She lives in a 3 room house with her parents and siblings.

She started working with Chandroti in 7th grade at age 14. Today she is employed part time with Chandroti.

Her daily routine is: Wakes up at 6am.  Cleans the house, cuts grass for the 6 cows, feeds them, mother makes breakfast, cleans dishes, comes to Chandroti for 3-4 hours, lunch, washes and cleans kitchen…rests…3pm to 5pm for computer and english class, knitting for 2 hours, studies, cooks cleans up..


She pays her own school fees and college fees.

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