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No woman is turned away.  Most of them can barely knit.  They are taught and some of them get it right away and get quite proficient at it. 


The knitting patterns are either written or drawn out for them if they cannot read.


They are provided with wool and knitting needles and a bag to keep their work in.  And are given strict instructions on keeping the work clean and tidy.


Some of the women cannot knit patterns at all so they either make the basic borders or stitch.


They are paid piecemeal.  The quality control is very stringent and Shubh has no qualms rejecting anyones work. She runs a very tight ship.


The Patchwork Blankets were the first products created at Chandroti.  Each 8" square patch is a different pattern and knitted by a different woman.  42 diferent women can have a hand in one blanket.










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